• FitTrace for Mobile Devices

    iPhone and Android app for DXA body composition

FitTrace Sync

FitTrace Sync is FitTrace’s companion app for iPhone and Android.  It is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

FitTrace Sync on App Store  FitTrace Sync on Google Play

Understand Your DXA Measurements

FitTrace Sync analyzes your DXA scans and explains what they mean in terms of health, fitness, and athletic performance.  What do all those numbers produced by DXA mean?  FitTrace Sync tells you.

Track Changes

Have you made nutritional changes, modified your exercise routine, altered your training regimen?  How has your body changed?  Track it, with FitTrace Sync.

Transferring Your DXA Scans

Either visit one of our DXA Partners or manually enter your DXA data into FitTrace Sync.

Our DXA Partners transfer your scans to you via FitTrace  When your scans are available you will receive an email with instructions.

If you were scanned at another facility, you may enter your DXA scan data from the printouts.  Download the app and visit the Help section for more info.

What’s the Cost?

FitTrace Sync is free for basic features.  Manually entering a scan is an in-app purchase.

The FitTrace Web App

You can also access your DXA scans via the FitTrace web app.  The Web app contains easy to understand printable reports and other features.