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The FitTrace blog and articles related to DXA body composition, athletic performance, fitness, and health.

A University Restricts the Use of DXA

FitTrace was designed to address the very issues that some teams encounter when using DXA.

Ignore The Z-score … For DXA Body Composition Measurements

The Z-score may not be the best tool to use for DXA body composition, particularly for athletes.

How To Use FitTrace for Health, Fitness, and Weight Loss

Discusses some basic ways in which FitTrace can help you understand DXA based body composition.

Five Reasons For Athletes To Have a DXA Body Composition Scan

Blog posting describing the benefits of DXA for athletes.

Forget BMI, now it’s all about body composition

Describes the Green Bay Packers use of DXA.

What Is the Typical Body Fat Percentage for an Elite Athlete?

Article from LiveStrong discusing how body composition varies by sport.