• Understand Your DXA Body Composition

    FitTrace, the DXA body composition app

FitTrace is the app for DXA body composition analysis.

FitTrace software provides analysis of DXA body composition measurements.  What do all those numbers on the DXA printout mean?  FitTrace will explain it to you so that you can optimize health, fitness, and athletic performance.


Gauge Effectiveness

Determine effectiveness of your training and nutritional program(s).

Optimize Performance

Target body composition for specific activities and goals.

Assess Health & Fitness

Monitor and assess fitness, weight management, health and performance.

Establish a Baseline

Baseline measurement can be useful in determining safe return-to-play after injury.

Athletic Evaluation

Evaluate athletes and support long term athletic development.

Mobile Apps


Even if you weren’t scanned at one of our DXA partners, you can still use FitTrace.  Download the FitTrace Sync mobile app and manually enter your DXA scan data directly into the app.  Click here for more details.


Simplify DXA Data

Easy to use online graphs, charts, and reports help you understand DXA data.

Track & Compare

Track body composition.  Compare with friends and athletes.


Connect your DXA data with apps and devices, like Apple Health and Fitbit.

Advanced Analytics

For groups and teams, gain insights for your clients/athletes/teams.

DXA segmental body composition data

How Does It Work?

  • It’s Easy To Use FitTrace

    First, have a DXA scan performed.

    If you were scanned at a FitTrace DXA Partner:

    • The DXA Partner will transmit your scan to you via FitTrace.
    • You will receive an email and/or mobile notification from FitTrace when your scan is available.
    • Follow instructions in the email to access your DXA measurement(s).

    If you were scanned at another DXA facility: