• Understand Your DXA Body Composition

    … with FitTrace, the body composition app for DXA

FitTrace is the app for DXA body composition analysis.

FitTrace software provides analysis of DXA body composition measurements.  With FitTrace you can optimize athletic performance, fitness, and health.

DXA body composition data
Tracking of segmental DXA body composition data


Gauge Effectiveness

Determine effectiveness of your training and nutritional program(s).

Optimize Performance

Target body composition for specific activities and goals.

Assess Health & Fitness

Monitor and assess fitness, weight management, health and performance.

Establish a Baseline

Baseline measurement can be useful in determining safe return-to-play after injury.

Athletic Evaluation

Evaluate athletes and support long term athletic development.

Dashboard shows overview of DXA body composition

Mobile Apps


Simplify DXA Data

Easy to use online graphs, charts, and reports help you understand DXA data.

Track & Compare

Track body composition.  Compare with friends and athletes.


Connect your DXA data with apps and devices, like Fitbit.

Advanced Analytics

For groups and teams, gain insights for your clients/athletes/teams.

DXA segmental body composition data

How Does It Work?

  • For Individuals & Consumers

    Access your DXA body composition data with FitTrace. FitTrace makes understanding your body composition easy.

    How it works:

    • Get a Scan with a FitTrace DXA Partner
    • DXA operator transmits your scan(s) to FitTrace
    • Access your scans online using FitTrace
    • Log on to FitTrace and learn
  • For DXA Operators

    Radiology departments, bone density testing centers, imaging centers, athletic teams and consumer DXA operators can distribute scans to clients with the Basic/Free version of FitTrace.   Optionally, you may allow your staff (physicians, nutritionists, trainers, etc…) to interpret or enter notes for a scan.

    How does it work:

    • DXA operator performs scans
    • DXA staff log on to FitTrace and add notes
    • Clients are notified that a note has been added
    • Client logs on to FitTrace to access note
  • For Groups, Teams, & Research

    Access and manage all DXA data for your athletes, clients or research subjects.  Advanced analytics provide aggregate analysis of body composition data.

    How it works:

    • Subjects/athletes are scanned…either on your own DXA or remote DXA(s)
    • Scans are transmitted to FitTrace
    • Staff log on to FitTrace to access scans
    • Staff build reports to analyze data