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FitTrace’s features are designed to help you understand DXA body composition data.  DXA data is presented in ways that are easy to undestand, whether you are an athlete, trainer, nutritionist, or physician.

All your DXA data is in one place.  Track fat and lean mass segmentally as well as visceral adipose tissue.  Compare fat and lean mass with friends and athletes in a variety of sports, such as NFL football, NCAA Division 1 football, and rugby by position.  Observe how activity and nutrition affect body composition via integration with fitness apps.

Features requiring a subscription are indicated by a dollar sign ($).  All other features are included with the Basic (free) version of FitTrace.


Access all of your DXA body composition scans via the dashboard.  See an overview of your fat, lean, and bone mass and how they are changing.

Dashboard shows overview of DXA body composition

DXA Body Composition Report

The FitTrace app includes a DXA body composition report that is both easy to understand and comprehensive.  It is available online, via your mobile device, tablet, and PC, and it is printer-friendly too.

FitTrace DXA Body Composition Report

Share ($)

You control access to your scans.  Share your scans with your dietitian, trainer, physician or friends.  Want to show off your progress?  Share to your Facebook page.

DXA scans can be shared with trainers, physicians, and on social

Basic Analysis

A single DXA scan is displayed in easy to understand visuals.  Assess your overall fitness, see how much of your lean is muscle, and learn your risk for six chronic conditions…all from a single DXA scan.

Analysis of a single DXA body composition scan

A visual depiction of total and segmental body composition for a single measurement.

Fitness guage for a DXA body composition scan

Fitness indicator based on DXA scan, gender, age, and activity level.

Muscle mass evaluator for DXA body composition scan

How much of your DXA lean mass is actually muscle.

Chronic disease indicator for a single DXA body composition scan

Risk assessment of six chronic conditions based on a DXA scan plus age, gender, and ethnicity.

Track body composition over time, both total and segmental body composition.

Tracking of total body composition

Total body composition trending.

Segmental trending for DXA body composition

Segmental body composition trending.

Compare ($)

Perform detailed comparisons of your own measurements, with friends, or athletes including: NFL athletes, NCAA Division I Athletes, and Professional Rugby.  NCAA Division I sports include: basketball, softball, volleyball, hockey, golf, soccer, and wrestling for men and women.

Integration with Apps and Devices ($)

Incorporate your DXA data with your other apps and devices.  Observe how your activity affects body composition.  FitTrace currently integrates with Fitbit and Apple Health.

FitTrace integrates with fitness apps

Select additional data to plot, such as Fitbit steps.

The additional data appears alongside your DXA data.  In this chart, Fitbit steps appear as the purple curve.

Team Reports ($)

Team Reports are for athletic teams, groups, and researchers.  With Team Reports you can analyze DXA body composition data your way.  Observe data for teams and groups in aggregate and individually.  Over one hundred body composition variables available.

FitTrace Team Reports - Analyze DXA body composition for teams

Total Lean % for a basketball team – pre-season, in-season, post-season.

FitTrace Team Reports - Analyze DXA body composition for teams

Total Lean % for individual basketball players – pre-season, in-season, post-season.

Analyze DXA body composition by sport

Total fat% for basketball team by position over three years.

Analyze DXA body composition by position

Total fat% for basketball players by position over three years.

Notes ($)

Notes provide a way for DXA operators and their staff to help their clients understand their DXA body composition.  Staff, which may consist of nutritionists, physicians, trainers, and others, can attach notes to a scan.  The note may include an interpretation, suggestions, feedback … whatever the DXA operator defines.

Staff can be assigned to interpret DXA body composition

Manage staff that can add notes for each DXA.

Notes can be added to a DXA body composition scan

Add notes while viewing a DXA body compostion report.