FitTrace for Teams

FitTrace body composition app helps sports teams track fat and muscle as aggregate and individual data. You could be a team nutritionist, a strength and conditioning coach, an athletic trainer, or medical staff. The body composition data and images of your athletes is at your fingertips with the following benefits:

  • Access from both mobile and desktop
  • Security and privacy (encryption)
  • Sharing of data among staff with flexible privacy settings
  • Focus on data that is important to you ( through custom reports)

Access Data for All Your Athletes

Track Changes Over Time

Observe the changes in body composition, for each body region: left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg, and trunk.

Analyze Your Team

Track what you think is important.  See effects of training and nutrition on your athletes.  Gain insights regarding performance and injury. For example, create a custom graph looking at each athlete’s  percentage fat before, during and after the basketball season:

Or look at the aggregate trend of your team:

FitTrace can be used by individuals too; click here for more info.