What is FitTrace ?

FitTrace is an app for DXA-based body composition.  FitTrace conveniently collects body composition data and images from DXA machines and provides insights and analytics.


Why FitTrace ? 

Better Athletes

With the FitTrace body composition app, sports teams will:

  • Gain insights into how training and nutrition affect body composition
  • Optimize body composition for a particular activity/sport
  • Improve injury recovery
  • Compare with similar athletes on your team and worldwide

Healthier Students

Body composition is an important part of the general health and wellness.

  • For use by general student population
  • May be used by club sports

Elevate Recruitment

Show parents and students your commitment to health and wellness.

For Athletics Professionals

Sports dietitians, strength coaches, and athletic trainers can manage body composition data for their athletes. Privacy settings within the app allow for precise control over access of data and reports.

  • Access to data at your fingertips
  • Industry standard privacy
  • Share just the desired details
  • Optionally share data with athletes
  • Custom report for your school

How Other Teams Are Using DXA (Videos and Articles)

These videos and articles show how other schools and teams are using DXA for athletics:

Jackie Buell of Ohio State Sports Medicine  – Video

Florida State University’s use of DXA  – Video

Green Bay Packers use DXA to assess their players  – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Too Much Fat?  Try A Whole Body Scan   – Wall Street Journal

Don’t have a DXA ?

Contact us here, we may be able to help.  We can help you get the most out of your body composition data before investing in a DXA.

Key features for teams

  • Mobile and desktop access to data
  • Industry standard security and privacy
  • Flexible privacy and distribution settings
  • Flexible team report customization

Access Data for All Your Athletes

Provide scan data or reports to appropriate staff using flexible sharing/privacy settings.  Optionally provide data to athletes.

Track Changes Over Time

Observe the changes in body composition, for each body region: left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg, and trunk.

Analyze Your Team

Track what you think is important.  See effects of training and nutrition on your athletes.  Gain insights regarding performance and injury. For example, create a custom graph looking at each athlete’s  percentage fat before, during and after the basketball season:

Or look at the aggregate trend of your team:

Questions ?

Contact us here for any question or comment.  We are happy to hear from you and help.