• Sign up for a premium FitTrace account and receive 3 months of online personal training


So you had your body composition tested and studied the results.

Maybe you see room for improvement but wonder what changes to make to have the body you want.

FitTrace has your solution!

When you sign up for a premium FitTrace account you will receive 3 months of online personal training*.  All exercise programs are designed by Matt Mosman (B.S. Exercise Science), our Chief Fitness Officer, who holds multiple nationally recognized fitness certifications and has trained thousands of clients over the past 15 years.  Premium FitTrace users will be able to choose from 4 different exercise programs which include:

  • The Miss Fits: A women’s specific program designed to get you lean and toned.
  • The Ultimate SWOLEdier: A bodybuilding program designed to pack on muscle and achieve a lean, cut look.
  • Old School Gym: A strength program designed around heavy, compound lifts.
  • Max VO2: A running specific program to prepare you for a 5k up to half marathon.

Using the Train Heroic platform, premium FitTrace users will have access to workouts that are updated weekly and accessible on any mobile device or desktop.  User will also be able to record and track improvements in strength, size, and overall fitness.  Combined with the FitTrace App this creates a powerful one two punch to help you along your fitness journey. There is no better time to make a commitment to your health and well-being.

*When subscribing to a premium FitTrace account user must put the email address mmosman@fittrace.com in the referral email box of the sign-up form.  User will be contacted via email within one week.  User will be asked what exercise program they would like to participate in and given a promo code for 3 months free access; which begins the day the email with promo code is sent to premium FitTrace user.

**If you currently work with a personal trainer FitTrace encourages you to continue to follow the exercise program he/she has designed for you.

***Offer expires June 1st, 2016

Questions? Contact mmosman@fittrace.com