FitTrace integrates DXA body composition measurements with Fitbit

FitTrace app now shows how activity affects body composition

Los Angeles, Jan 31, 2019 – FitTrace, an app that collects and analyzes DXA body composition measurements, now integrates with Fitbit.  FitTrace users can now easily observe how their activity can impact fat and muscle mass.

FitTrace collects and analyzes body composition measurements (fat mass, muscle mass, percent fat, bone density, etc.) from Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA) machines.  DXA is medical grade technology that is increasingly being adopted in college and professional sports and is becoming more widely available to consumers. DXA can produce quite a bit of data that can be confusing and overwhelming to most users. FitTrace provides an interactive environment that provides a simplified yet comprehensive understanding of DXA body composition measurements.

Integration with Fitbit brings DXA to the same stage as other fitness devices and apps. “It is a significant step to have medical grade DXA data incorporated into the fitness ecosystem”, explains Mike DiChiappari CEO and Founder of FitTrace.  He adds, “DXA produces high quality body composition data, which can now be used with other apps and devices to assist FitTrace users in understanding how activity affects their fitness and health”.

While FitTrace has largely focused on fitness and sports, this release opens the door to general health applications.  Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle and strength with age. Dr. Mary Oates, advisor to FitTrace states, “With some elderly an excess loss of muscle can lead to falls, which can be devastating”.  Dr. Oates adds, “This integration will allow monitoring of activity along with body composition, which may help to prevent falls and understand sarcopenia better”.

Fitbit integration is available with version 1.10 of FitTrace.  For the first month it is included with the Basic (free) version of the app during beta testing.  FitTrace encourages those who are interested in a DXA body composition scan to visit one of its many DXA scanning partners, listed on

About FitTrace, Inc.

FitTrace™ is a software company based in Los Angeles, CA that provides cloud based body composition analytics solutions for the sports performance, fitness and health industries. The FitTrace™ body composition software app allows users to store, access, compare, and analyze DXA body composition results in the cloud for anytime, anywhere access and enable better health and fitness monitoring.


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