What is FitTrace?

FitTrace is a body composition “app” for consumers. It stores, tracks, provides analysis, and allows sharing of body composition data. FitTrace works with DXA machines, and is accessible on desktop and mobile devices.

Benefits for DXA Operators

● Generate more revenue from your DXA
● Expand into new markets such as fitness and wellness

FitTrace DXA partners are listed on the FitTrace web site: http://www.fittrace.com
Contact us if you would like to be added as a DXA partner.

What DXAs are supported?

FitTrace supports GE and Hologic DXA machines. You need to have:
● DICOM support
● Body Composition Assessment Capability
● GE: enCORE software versions 14, 15, and 16
● Hologic: Apex software version 3.4 and newer

What Does it Cost?

There is no cost to the DXA operator.
For the consumer, we provide free access to their body composition data with the Basic edition of the FitTrace app. A Premium edition provides extra features and costs $60 a year per individual subscription. FitTrace also offers group/team subscriptions.

How Does It Work?

FitTrace DXA partners are listed on the FitTrace web site as DXA providers. Listings are geographical.

You provide DXA body composition scans to users upon request. There are two ways to do it:

  • Burn a copy to CD * **
  • Transmit directly to FitTrace from the DXA **

Body composition scans often are not reimbursable, so be prepared to accept payment at the time of service.
* The user uploads scans to the FitTrace web site from a PC.
** We provide software to be installed on the DXA to create body composition scan files in the appropriate format and to also directly transmit to FitTrace.

About Security, Privacy, and HIPAA

All data is encrypted in our databases. Data transferred via Internet is also encrypted using the SSL standard.

HIPAA does not apply to FitTrace*. FitTrace stores information on behalf of its users – not health provider. Think of FitTrace as a Personal Health Record rather than an Electronic Medical Record.
* FitTrace will not sign a Business Associates Agreement

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