• For DXA Operators

FitTrace is designed to be used by all types of DXA providers.

FitTrace may be used by bone density testing centers, radiology departments, imaging centers, hospitals and consumer testing facilities.


Increased Utilization

Increase utilization of your DXA.  Generate more revenue.

Better Customer Retention

Let your clients do more with their DXA data and they’ll come back more frequently.

Marketing & Branding

FitTrace reports contain your logo and your clients can share their reports on social media.

Improved Interaction

Have your staff provide interpretation and feedback of scans by adding notes.

How Does It Work?

Scans are transmitted to FitTrace from the DXA machine.  Transmitting scans is easy and can be incorporated into the process of printing reports.

  1. Scan the client
  2. Transmit the scan to FitTrace…which can be incorporated into the printing process
  3. Client accesses body composition measurements via the FitTrace app

NOTE: FitTrace provides software for transferring scans securely to the FitTrace Cloud.  The software resides on the DXA machine and encrypts scans that are transmitted to FitTrace.


These items are required in order to work with FitTrace.

  • Supported DXA Machines

    FitTrace works with recent models of DXA machines manufactured by General Electric Healthcare and Hologic.

  • DXA Software

    • GE Healthcare Encore software versions 13 and newer are supported.
    • Hologic Apex 3.4 and newer are supported.
  • DXA Body Composition Software

    The body composition software options for your DXA are required.  These may be optional software that was purchased with the DXA.

  • DICOM Capability

    The DXA machine must have DICOM capability.  This may also be an extra option that is purchsed with the DXA machine.

  • Network Connectivity

    Your DXA must be connected to the network and be able to access the Internet.

What Does It Cost?

DXA providers may distribute scans to their clients at no cost.

The Professional Edition plan allows providers to interpret scans via notes.

Security and Privacy

At FitTrace we have years of experience in providing a secure environment for our users.

  • FitTrace infrastructure complies with: ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC 2 and SOC 3
  • HIPAA level security
  • All data is encrypted at rest and in transit
  • See our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

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