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The FitTrace App…Where Fitness and Technology Meet

The FitTrace app allows users to understand their fitness by using highly accurate technologies. It enables individuals to store, access and analyze their body composition information as well as observe trends over time.

Using body composition information from DXA scanners, the FitTrace app provides online access to a person’s scans and to a variety of analysis reports. DXA systems provide convenient, highly-accurate scans which provide regional breakdown.

Users can not only better understand their own fitness thanks to high-standard measurements, but can also share their scans and compare them with friends, the general population, and specific subjects such as professional athletes.

Advantages of Understanding Your Body Composition

There are many aspects to understanding fitness and health. Some are very simple like measuring waist circumference, or calculating BMI (Body Mass Index). Depending on the goals, this type of information may or may not be appropriate. For example, BMI depends only on a person’s weight and height, and therefore does not differentiate between fat mass and lean mass. Jack, the body builder, could have a BMI that looks worse than Joe who is overweight!

FitTrace focuses on “body composition.” Body composition is a term used in the domains of fitness, weight loss, and medicine.  It simply refers to the components of the human body: bones, organs, tissue, water, lean muscle and fat. One of the key ratios affecting health and fitness is the fat to muscle relationship. It is important in many areas including athletic performance, weight loss, and several diseases. The body composition knowledge and monitoring can help people in devising appropriate exercise and nutrition routine.

While the concept seems simple, the only way to truly measure body fat is by dissecting it! FitTrace decided to go for the next best: using DXA body composition scanning, a convenient and highly accurate method to estimate body composition.